How it all began

4. How do you treat the psychological stress that these girls struggle with, due to the terrible things they’ve gone through?

Often I feel overwhelmed and powerless when I hear about all the horrible things in the news. In the Philippines, I had – for the first time – a feeling that I am able to change things, and that with my commitment, the lives of some people there would get better. It always makes me sad to think about everything these girls have gone through in their lives, the injustices they’ve experienced. But, at the same time, it’s so wonderful to spend time with the girls, dance and play music with them, and see how creative and joyful they are. The sadness in their eyes is gone when they play football or learn chords on the guitar. And that is what matters to my mum and me: we want them to enjoy their childhood in a safe and understanding environment. We want to help them process their traumatic experiences so that they can live a happy and independent life in the future.


Fun and movement are top priorities – a way for the girls to win back a sense of their own bodies.


5. Why can’t anyone see pictures of the girls or of Malisa Home on the home page?

Some of the girls are being sought out and threatened by their pimps or families. That’s why it is important to keep the identities of the girls anonymous – we don’t want anyone using the website as a way to find the girls.

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