Malisa Home

The work in the Malisa Home shelter

About 28 girls between the ages of eight and eighteen currently live at Malisa Home. Many of them were found by streetworkers in the city’s red light districts, where they had been forced into prostitution. At Malisa Home, they receive protection and professional support that helps them to deal with their past and find their way back to a normal life.


Malisa Home: where friendships develop!

Malisa Home: where friendships develop!


For these girls, a new life begins here. They are able to go back to school, and after graduation they will have nothing stopping them from getting a college degree and finding a profession of their own choice. At Malisa Home, the girls have access to legal counsel, professional psychological support and a broad range of skill-improvement possibilities: They cook and do laundry together and clean and organize their home themselves. They also get a chance to follow their own preferences during their free time: singing, drawing, music, sports, art – the girls get a chance to recreate themselves in a stable and safe environment.


Digging and planting – in Malisa Home’s garden, there is no limit to the girls’ creativity.



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